Are Telescopic Ladders Safe?

  • By: Lara Dixon
  • Date: 16/07/2021

are telescopic ladder safe

Whenever we are ready to invest in a telescopic ladder, the first question that comes to our mind is, are telescopic ladders safe to use? 

Telescopic ladders are an extending ladder and look very convenient and easy to use. However, everyone is hesitant that are these telescopic ladders safe for use or not.

So, these modern extending telescopic ladders are made up of lightweight materials that are very strong. These ladders can carry a weight of 100kg up to a maximum of 150kg. This weight limit is also the safe weight limit for standard and traditional extension ladders.

The materials used in the telescopic ladders are aluminium, aluminium alloy or T5 aluminium structure. Whereas some of the parts, usually the joints, are made with strong moulded plastic. This is similar to the traditional extension ladder in which durable plastic was used to make the locking latch.

Telescopic ladders were invented for the professional market, so it was made with the view that it should not take much of a space, lightweight, easily carriable and most importantly, safe.

Are Telescopic Ladders Safe?

The telescopic ladders are very much safe if it’s certified to EN131. EN131 is a European certification for ladders ensuring their safety. You can request conformity for the certificate before purchasing a telescopic ladder from the vendor.

The EN131 is awarded when it fulfils or satisfies certain requirements, which are as follows:

  1. The rungs must be 50% larger than the typical telescopic ladders and should be angled to supply the maximum grip, support, and ease.
  2. A new safety closure system slows the descent of the ladder to guard the hands against any injury.
  3. Each rung should feature a visual lock and release an indicator to clarify that the ladder is safe to climb or use.
  4. There should be a locking mechanism, ergonomically designed, for comfort and simple to use.
  5. The ladder feet should also be over moulded with durable rubber to maximize the ground contact and grip.

It would help if you always opted for a ladder with the certification and not for a cheap one, as no cheap ladder is worth the price you pay for the injury when performing a task at some height from the ground level.

How to use the telescopic ladder?

The steps to perform while using the telescopic ladders are as follows:

  • First, release the strap securing the retracted ladder.
  • Then place the ladder in an upright position so that it is ready to be used.
  • After that, step on the last rung of the ladder to carry the ladder firmly in situ.
  • Then take out the topmost rung’s connector using both hands.
  • And then, pull each rung in an upward direction to its full extension and ensure that the locking mechanism is engaged with a click sound.
  • And repeat these steps some times until you reach the specific height for your work or task.
  • And avoid stepping up on the topmost rung of the ladder.

Some safety points that you should keep in mind are that never attempt to adjust the rungs while using the ladder as it can lead to the tampering of the locking mechanism of the ladder; always make sure that the ladder rests on the plain and clean floor; never try to raise the peak of the ladder by placing any objects under the ladder.

The telescopic ladders have many moving parts as compared to step ladders. It is critical; however, each of the ladder’s mechanisms should be checked thoroughly and regularly as these ladders can be easily damaged in transportation or storage if not kept safely and securely.

Every another telescopic ladder function differently, so try to familiarize yourself with the manual before using the ladder.

Try to climb the ladder by starting on the proper foot and stop unnecessary accidents.

Whenever opening, extending or closing telescopic ladders, make sure not to do that too quickly as this might damage the mechanism or any function of the ladder. The quick act of closing or extending the ladder can also lead to a compromise to the ladder’s security.

Telescopic ladders should be stored under a clean and dry environment far from nay extreme weather at a safer place that it should not be damaged by any another object falling on them.

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