Best Loft Ladder UK - Detailed Buyers Guide In 2022

Best Loft Ladder UK: Top Ladders In [2022]

  • By: Lara Dixon
  • Date: 25/05/2022

A loft is where we store our stuff or an additional room inside our house situated right at the top of the apartment, house, or condos, etc. We keep our stuff or belonging inside the loft to keep safe and dry from getting damaged. If you use loft too often or looking to install the best loft ladder, then we got you covered in this article. 

best loft ladder UK

There are lots of loft ladders available in the market, and which one is right? You have to research it and spend lots of time to get a perfect ladder to access the loft. To save your time, we have done all the research to select the right loft ladder for your particular need.

Best Loft Ladders UK

1). TB Davies 1530-005 Wooden Loft Ladder

best loft ladder uk

If you are looking for a loft ladder that can reach up to a height of 2.8m with a 33mm deep trap door, then check out the TB Davies wooden ladder. It can easily support a weight of up to 150 kg and can be open with the help of a push/pull lock mechanism.

The TB Davies is made up of solid spruce wooden with slip-resistant feet and handrails that will protect you from climbing up and down while using the ladder.  It has 3 sections opening and closing smoothly. Making the installation simpler and quicker has a euro fold that will fit between standard UK roofing joists easily.

Some customers get the ladder in damaged condition, and you need to tighten the hinges every time you use it for climbing.


  • Slip-Resistant Treads
  • Made Up Of Spruce Wooden
  • Maximum Weight Capacity Of 150 KG
  • Handrail For Safety


  • Hinges May Requires Tightening Everytime You Use The Ladder

2). Youngman 313340

loft ladderThe loft ladder from Youngman comes with three sliding sections and is also certified to BS 7553. If you are going to use a loft ladder occasionally then, Youngman will be the best choice with a budget-friendly price. You will not require a professional to set up this unit. Only one man can easily set up this Youngman loft ladder.

Also, the rubber feet will keep the ladder steady and protect it from damaging the floor. The maximum height from floor to loft height is 3m, and the opening size is 2.3m. If your hatch size is small, it will be hard for you to adjust the ladder, as Youngman can absorb more size making it difficult to fit larger items. 

There is a handrail at the side that will protect you while climbing the ladder up and down, giving you extra peace of mind. A great loft ladder to be used occasionally, not for made for daily use.


  • Made Up Of Solid Silver Aluminum
  • Certified To BS 7553
  • Lightweight Only Weighs 6.6 Kg
  • Handrail & Rubber Feet Gives Extra Grip While Using It
  • Smooth Operation


  • Not Made For Daily Use
  • Takes Lot Of Space

3). Telesteps, Silver, 60324

If you have a smaller hatch size and had space restrictions, check out the loft ladder from telestep. Made up of aluminium, this ladder can support a weight of up to 150 kg and has automatic closing and locking closing visible at each tread.

Each step of the treads has an automatic locking system that gives additional security. Also, it has been certified with European standard EN131-SP giving extra peace of mind. The ceiling height is 2.35 – 2.45m with a hatch opening of  52 x 60cm.

One disadvantage is it’s a little bit heavy, and you might have a hard time while closing and opening it. Also, it weighs 12.5 kg, and the instruction is written very poorly hard to understand. 


  • Compact Design Perfect For Small Hatch Size
  • EN131-SP Safety Compliant
  • Automatic Let Down With Auto Locking System
  • Mini Telescopic Ladder Lets You Reach Height Of 5m


  • Instructions Are Written Poorly
  • Hevy In Size

4). WolfWise 3.2M Multipurpose Loft Ladder

If you are looking for a ladder that can do the multipurpose task like an outdoor or indoor task with accessing loft then you can check out a telescopic ladder from wolfwise. With EN131 compliant this ladder can be extended according to the usage and reaches 3.2m when fully retracted.

The heavy-duty strap secures the ladder when you are transporting or the ladder is not in use. It holds the step and there is way steps will open while carrying from one place to another. The locking system on each step makes it more secure and stable while using the ladder.

There is an audible click sound every time the ladder steps are locked. The overall weight is only 8.3 kg and can support the maximum weight of 150kg. If you visit your loft occasionally then this telescopic ladder will do its job with other multiple tasks also.


  • Best For Doing Multipurpose Task
  • Anti Slip Ruber Feet
  • No Installation Or Assembly Required
  • Heavy Duty Allows Ladder To Fully Secure While Transporting
  • Lightweight


  • Bit Expensive
  • Not Good For Those Who Use There Loft Frequently

5). DJM Direct Deluxe Eco 3 Section

Last on our list is DJM foldable loft ladder UK that can be easily accessed and installed quickly. The loft ladder is made up of timber wood with rubber feet that protect from damaging the floor. Also, it has been tested and certified by EN14975 and that can support the weight of 150kg.

The handrail is included and covers more space in the loft and also due to its weight you might require 2 person to set up the ladder. When it comes to usage no assembly is required in order to use the DJM loft ladder.


  • Certified With EN14975
  • Build Using Timber Wood
  • 3 Section Folding Ladder
  • Requires No Assembly


  • Heavy In Size
  • Occupy More Loft Space


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