Best Step Ladder For Elderly People In UK

Best step ladders for elderly uk 2020

Elderly people stay at home and likes to do all the work without taking any help from a family member. Be it changing the bulb, painting the wall, or decorating the house in festival season. One thing where you should look at is about there safety.

That’s why you should consider some tools for their safety and these are the best step ladder for the seniors which provides them safety while doing any household work.

Best Step Ladder For Elderly 2021

1). 3 Step Steel Ladder: Best Step Ladder For Elderly

3 feet ladder for elderly uk

If you are looking for a ladder which can handle 150 kg load and which is senior-friendly then check out 3 step ladder. The ladder is loaded with great features that will protect the elders inside or outside of the house while using the ladder doing any work. The handle of the ladder got grip which is useful when climbing upward or downward from the steps.

The ladder steps come with an anti-slip surface which ensures grip standing and enables to stand at the highest step giving more confidence without the fear of falling from the last step. At the bottom of the ladder, feet have got 4 anti-skid feet with a rubber grip which protects the floor without damaging it.

The ladder is made up of solid steel and weighs only 6.4 kgs which are easy to carry by elder people. The disadvantage of the 3 step ladder is the top handgrip should have the full cover to give maximum support.

Dimension (CM) 47W ×66D × 130.5H
Weight 6.4 kgs


  • Hold The Load Support Of 150kgs
  • Net Weight Only 6.4 kg
  • Ladder Foot Has 4 Anti Grip
  • Made Up Of Steel Construction
  • The Steps Has Anti Slip Surface Ensures Firm Standing
  • Handle Got Anti Slip Padding Helps In Climbing The Ladder


  • The Upper Grip Should Have Full Cover

2). 4 Step Ladder  Safety Folding Step Ladder

step ladders for senior people

Searching for a ladder which has 4 step and easy to climb then check out Easylife lifestyle ladder. It has an oversized step which makes the elder people feel comfortable while climbing the steps. All the 4 steps have non slip moulded rubber treads which prevent slipping.

The foldable ladder supports the weight of up to 150kg and the ladder weights itself 11.7 kgs which are slightly heavier. The ladder steps are foldable which helps to carry in the kitchen, garden, outside, etc. Comes in foldable design which will occupy less space

The shoes are slip-resistant which put the ladder still while working. Easylife lifestyle has provided many features like pedals, safety lock, and handrails that helps the elder people to climb the ladder upwards or downward easily. It is made up of steel which lasts longer but one thing which we dont like that handrail does not have any padding.

Dimension (CM) 10W x 140D x 1H
Weight 11.7


  • Load Capacity Of 150 Kg
  • Steel Construction
  • Over Sized Non Slip Rubber Trim Step
  • Safety Handrails
  • Anti Skid Feet 


  • Heavy In Size
  • Handrail Does Not Have Padding

3). Home Vida 3 Step Ladder With Safety Handrail

top ladder for old age person

Home Vida comes with a sturdy ladder which lives up with its name. Slightly costly this ladder comes with all the features which are best for elder people that help to climb the ladder confidently. It has 4 anti-skid shoe rail at the bottom which make ladder stand firmly while doing any work.

The elders can easily fold and carry the ladder due to its lightweight design. It has a load capacity of 150 kg and the steps are anti-skid and non-slippery which makes standing comfortable and prevents falling while using it. You can clean the ladder with the help of a wet cloth.

The ladder is designed using high-quality steel and has weight 9 kg which is durable and sturdy. The disadvantage is it does not have any grip on the handrail.

Dimension (centimetres) 72 (L) x 48 (W) x 135 (H) centimetres
Weight 9 kg


  • Lightweight Easy To Carry
  • The Feet Has Rubber Grip Helps To Keep Ladder Firm
  • Comes With Handrail Helps To Climb Upwards Easily
  • Load Capacity Of 150kgs


  • No Grip On Handrail & On Top

4). WonderWorker Barrow 2 Step Ladder Heavy Duty

2 step ladder for old age people

2 Step ladder are best for seniors who has great height and looking for support for only a few inches. If you are one of those then check out wonder worker ladder. The extra-wide non-skid steps are made up of steel and the handle has a grip which helps to take the ladder from one place to another easily.

The legs of the ladder have non-slippery and anti-scratching caps which protects the floor or surface from any scratches while dragging the ladder. The space between the steps is 21mm and wide steps measures 26x38xcms. It can support the load capacity of 150kgs and the ladder weights 4.8 kg.

To fold the ladder you only have to pull the safety hook which is situated under the top step of the ladder. You can also use it in the kitchen as a stool to clean the cabinet or manage the stored utensils inside the storage box. The ladder is heavy in weight and does not have any handrail for support.

Dimension (centimetres) 82 x 59 x 46
Weight 4.8 kg


  • Load Support Of 150 kg
  • Heavy Duty
  • Handle Has A Grip
  • Wide Anti Slip Steps


  • Heavy In Size
  • No Handrail

5). Wolfwise 3-Step Stool Portable Ladder 

aluminium ladder uk

The three-step safety ladder from Wolfwise will not disappoint you in terms of build quality. If you are looking for a premium ladder at a low price then check out Wolfwise 3 step ladder. This is portable and lightweight ladder with sturdy construction.

the steps of the ladder do not have any padding for grip but manufacture has provided anti-skid treads to ensure maximum safety for elders while doing there work. The feet of the ladder has 4 anti-skid rubber padding which protects the floor from scratching.

It has a robust steel frame design which lets you fold and unfold the ladder quickly and makes you do your work in seconds. It has a wear-resistant collodion coating which protects the wall when the ladder is lean on it for support. It can be used to clean windows, reaching high top shelves, light repairs, etc. Best for indoor and outdoor work.

Dimension (CM) 117  x 50 x 6
weight 3.6 kg


  • Weights Only 3.6 Kg
  • Hold Load Capacity 150 kg
  • Non Slip Foot Pad
  • Steps Have Anti Skid Treads
  • Pre-Assembled Frame Design


  • No Handrail
  • No Handle Grip
  • Steps Have No Padding

 6). Casabriko Aluminium 3-Step Home

2 step aluminium ladder

Casabriko is made of aluminium frames which is extremely lightweight and easy to compare to other aluminium frames. The steps are wide and made up with treaded slip material which provides confidence to elder people while standing on the ladder.

The ladder comes with a hook and with an extra tray at the top which helps to place any object while doing any work. The foot of the ladder has 4 anti-scratch rubber padding which makes it sturdy and does not damage the floor while standing on it.

Remember there are lots of sharp edges which might give you little cut on your finger. As there is not single padding anywhere on the ladder that might be a big disadvantage providing less grip while climbing the ladder.

Dimension 41 (L)x 126 (W) x 12 (H)
Weight 2.67 kg


  • Ultralight weight
  • Load Support Of 150 kg
  • Has Extra Tray To Put Other Objects On It
  • Aluminium Frame, Robust & Rust-Proof


  • Sharp Edges
  • No Padding Anywhere On Ladder For Support

Safety Step Ladder For Elderly – Buyer’s Guide

Whenever you are looking ladder for elderly people always go with ladder which is anti-skid, non slippery, and gives confidence to elder people while climbing or standing on it. Old-ages person requires more stability and safety when selecting the best step ladders for elderly people.

We have listed down so the points which will help you select the right ladder for old age person giving them confidence while doing household work.

Hand Rails

Look for a ladder which has a handrail on them. The handrail will help older people to climb steps on the ladder easily giving extra support. If the handrail is padded it will give more grip and prevent handrails from getting slippery.

Sturdy Frame

The frame of the ladder should be made up of steel which can manage the weight of the person giving extra safety to standing person.

Step Size

Almost every senior citizen have a balancing problem while climbing the step ladder. But if the step ladder has good handrail with grip, wide step, anti-skid steps, etc then it will boost the confidence of elder people.

Weight Capacity

Make sure the ladder which you are selecting has enough load capacity of minimum 150 kgs. The higher the load support better for elder people. Always go with that ladder which has more load capacity of the weight of that senior member who is using it.


Look for the ladder which made up durable material. More the lightweight ladder is the more it is easier to carry from one place to another by senior people.

Slip Resistant Ladder Foot

Ladder foot with rubber helps to maintain the grip and protect the surface from any damages. Also, if the floor is wet or slippery then also the slip-resistant will maintain the grip preventing ladder to slip.

Frequently Asked Question

How many steps are ideal for elder people?

I would recommend you to go with at least 3-4 steps when selecting the right ladder for seniors. Avoid going with 1-2 step ladder.

What is the benefit of using a step ladder?

From step ladder, older people can easily clean the ceilings, roofs, fix the lights, decorate the house, etc giving them extra confidence. Also from a step ladder, they can easily reach a height without fear to fall while doing the work.

Are Step Ladder also known as a telescopic ladder?

No step ladder is different from a telescopic ladder. In telescopic ladder, you can adjust each and every step according to your need and in step ladder, you cant adjust the steps according to your need.


When it comes to handy equipment and fixing anything inside the house. Before finalizing the ladder always look at the feature and safety while buying for your grandparents or parents. For small fixing, we can’t call maintenance man each and every time.  Above all the listed ladder meets all the safety standard for best step ladder for elderly UK.

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