7 Best Step Ladders In The UK

Whenever we need to do any DIY work or any high up tasks then the best step ladder uk plays an important role. If you are looking for a step ladder to ease your job then we have written a detailed guide that will help you out selecting the right ladder for your work.

Selecting the right step ladder will require lots of research and also waste your time. But, to overcome this we have researched in detail and comes up with the best step ladders that will not only save your time but also helps you to select the right product.

top step ladders in the uk

Why We Need Step Ladder?

Whenever you need to clean anything above your height you will always require some support to reach that place and clean it. To fulfil that need you will require a step ladder that is lighter, easy to carry, and does not require additional support. 

What Are The Best Step Ladders In The UK [Full Reviews]

Choosing the best step ladder can be a difficult task, especially when you do not know what to look for. There are so many different types of ladders with different features and prices that it is hard to decide which one is right for your needs.

1). 6 Tread Fibreglass Step Ladder

6 step ladder

If you are looking for a step ladder that has 5 steps and is made up of 6 thread fibreglass then checks out Sterk systems step ladder. This ladder can also be used for light industrial and trade use as it is rated EN131 which qualify industrial tests.

The foot of the ladder has a rubber foot which keeps the ladder stable while in use. The ladder has 5 steps and at the top, there is a tool tray that helps to keep the tool kit on top while doing the work. 5 steps of the ladder are deeply separated and are non-slip treads that prevent slipping while climbing the ladder.

The foot of the ladder has a rubber which provides stability and confidence while standing on the ladder. Also, the rubber feet are insulated which is safe for the electrical environment. So if anyone who is an electrician or wants to use it inside their house changing lights or doing other electrical works Sterk system ladder will best option for there work.


  • Lightweight But Extraordinarily Robust
  • Made Up Of Heavy Duty Fiber Glass
  • EN 131 Safety Standard Certified
  • Steps Are Non-Slippery
  • Electrical Environmental Friendly
  • Comes With Top Tray


  • The Last Step Is Not Useful To Stand On It
  • Steep Steps

2). 4-Step Stool Portable Folding Ladder

Best Step Ladders UK

Wolfwise comes with 4 step portable ladder which is made up of robust stainless solid steel and holds the weight of 150 kg easily. If you are looking ladder that is durable yet lightweight and easy to carry then check out the Wolfwise ladder for your daily task.

Each step of the ladder comes with anti-slip treads with improve foot support which ensures maximum support while doing your work. The foot of the ladder comes with rubber padding which gives solid grip and confidence while standing on it. Also, the foot rubber protects the floor from any scratch also.

You don’t need to assemble the ladder to use it. Simply erect the ladder and it is ready to use. The orange colour helps you to identify the ladder in darker conditions if stored inside the garage or in darker rooms.

The ladder has a collodion coating which protects the wall or surfaces when the ladder is getting support from any structure. The ladder weighs only 6.2 kg which is compact and sturdy good for daily household work.


  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Made Up Of Stainless Steel
  • Foot Has Anti-Slip Rubber
  • No Assembly Is Required Ready To Use
  • Load Support Of 150 kg
  • Easily Folded And Kept Anywhere Inside The House


  • Bit Heavy
  • No Handrail & Grip

3). Safety Folding Step Ladder | 4 Step

handrail ladder

The next brand which we gonna talk about come with a reputed brand is Home Vida. The folding 4 step ladder comes with a handrail with deep steps which helps to climb the ladder easily. There 4 oversize trim steps each having non-slip treads that help to maintain the grip while standing on the ladder.

This folding ladder can hold the weight up to 150 kg. Also, the foot of the ladder comes with non-slippery rubber which allows you to drag the ladder without damaging the floor. The Assembling of the ladder was easy and quick as everything is written in the user manual guide.

It is made up of heavy-duty steel that’s why the ladder weighs heavier around 11.7 kg. On the downside, the ladder handrail does not have a grip and also due to the steep angle your next step may hit your shin.


  • Solid Steel Constructed
  • Safety Support Handrail
  • Each Step Has Skid Resistant Treads
  • Supports 150 kg Weight
  • Easy Assembly


  • No Grip On Handrail
  • Steeps Are Steep
  • Bit Heavy

4). VonHaus Premium 2 Step Ladder: Best Step Ladder For Kitchen

Best Step ladder For KitchenIf you are looking for a compact ladder that can be used in the kitchen, changing the lights, for painting, etc then you can check out Vonhaus 2 Step ladder. There is a curve handgrip that helps to carry the ladder easily.

There are 2 anti-skid steps that help to stand firmly on the ladder.  There are 4 anti-skid rubber cap feet on the bottom of the ladder that protects the floor without damaging it while dragging the ladder or you are standing on it.

The 2-step ladder does not occupy more space, saving more space inside the house. One downside about the ladder is there is no handrail for support which makes it unstable for elder people while using it.


  • Support The Load Capacity Of 150 Kg
  • Ladder Feet Has 4 Rubber Cap To Prevent From Damaging Floor
  • Takes Less Storage Space
  • Lightweight


  • Average Safety
  • No Handrail For Support

4). 3 Step Steel Ladder

Best Foldable Ladder Uk

The next step ladder which we have listed comes from a brand called siky. The ladder comes with a padded side handrail which gives confidence while climbing the ladder. You need to assemble the ladder in order to use it.

If you are looking for one more step (4 step ladder) then you can go with other models also. To ensure the firm footing the manufacture has provided the anti-slip surface on each step that helps to climb the ladder at the last step. The ladder is made up of solid steel which is durable but easy to carry anywhere and also can be store anywhere inside the garage, home, or in the garden.

There is one disadvantage which we felt was it does not have any top tray and a little bit expensive as compare to its competitors. Siky provides a 5-year warranty with 24 hours of customer support to fix any problem.


  • Comes With 5 Year Warranty
  • Side Handrail With Padding
  • Feet Has 4 Anti-Skid Rubber
  • Compact, Durable & Lightweight
  • Best For Day To Day Work


  • Does Not Have Top Tray
  • Little Bit Expensive

5). Draak Step Ladder 2 Step: Best Budget Option

2 step ladders

If you are looking for a budget-friendly step ladder then check out draak 2 step ladder for your need. There are more options available with extra step options. The ladder passes all the safety features and is also certified by BS EN131 for quality tests. It comes with a top safety handrail which allows you to carry the ladder easily and hold the ladder while climbing.

The ladder weighs merely 2 kg that is easily portable which can be carried anywhere in the basement, garden, kitchen, etc for doing the climbing task. It is so lightweight you can easily drag the ladder without damaging the floor due to rubber feet grips.

You will find it has deep treads which help to climb the ladder comfortably. The top step platform is wider as compared to its competitors in this price range which is non-slippery. One downside which we notice while using this ladder it cannot handle heavy-duty work.


  • Lightweight
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Rubber Feet Avoids Any Damage To Floor
  • Safety Handrail Support While Climbing Ladder
  • Deep Treads


  • Not For Heavy-Duty Task

6). Abbey Aluminium Safety Platform Step Ladder

6 step ladder for uk

Lastly, we have in our list 6 steps, 150 kg load capacity aluminium ladder from Abbey. Certified with EN131 this ladder is ideal for home and outdoor usage. The manufacture has provided a side handrail that helps to climb the ladder with extra safety.

At the top, there is a tool tray where you can keep your tool kit while doing the work. The slip-resistant rubber feet and high tensile straps make the ladder stand firmly while standing on the steps. It has wide 80mm anti-slip treads that make you feel comfortable while climbing the ladder.

This step ladder is perfect for cleaning outdoor ceilings and gutters makes it the best step ladder according to its height. The build quality is average and few people complain about receiving a cracked tray.


  • Comes With Tool Tray
  • Wide Steps For Comfortable Standing
  • Side Handrail For Support While Climbing
  • Rubber Feet


  • Average Build Quality

Buyer’s Guide For Best Step Ladders Uk

Still, there are many questions coming to your mind before buying the step ladder for your day to day task then we have a solution for every common question asked.


Safety is the topmost priority when selecting the correct step ladder and safe usage of the ladder.

  • Go with that step ladder which at least has padding on the steps. Padding provides extra grip while climbing the ladder.
  • Make sure the feet/foot has rubber to make the ladder stand firmly while you do your work.
  • Never lean or bend too much on the ladder. As the ladder might disbalance and you might fall on the floor.
  • Never place the ladder on an uneven surface. It will be very difficult to balance the step ladder on an uneven surface.


When it comes to best step ladders then their lots of features that make it more comfortable to do all your task. We have listed down the features which you should look at before buying a step ladder. Every feature will not be there but still go with that which has at least a few of them.

  1. Foldable
  2. Easy to carry
  3. Footstep should be anti-skid
  4. Anti-Skid padding on steps
  5. Handrails side of the ladder


Many people when deciding to buy a ladder they many times overlook the load capacity of the ladder. Weight is the second most important factor to look at before investing on a step ladder. 

Before finalizing the purchase go with a minimum of 150kg of load capacity. If you still feel that the ladder will not be able to hold your weight then go with above 150 kg. So before going to purchase check the nature of work and your own weight.

FAQ For Step Ladder 

How Tall Step Ladder I Will Need?

Before buying the step ladder always check the height and height of the work you have to do. If you are planning to clean the kitchen shelves, organise kitchen storage, painting the wall then I would recommend going with 3 step ladder will be enough.

But if you are doing some outdoor work like cleaning the gutters, roof, or windows, etc then you can opt for a ladder above 4 steps.

Which Is Better Fiberglass Or Aluminium?

If you are looking for a durable and stable ladder then should select a fibreglass ladder. But if you are looking for budget-friendly then I would recommend you to go with an aluminium step ladder.


I hope the buying guide which I have provided will give some help to you. Step ladders are an essential tool for any household. They make it easy to reach high places and change light bulbs, paint ceilings, clean the windows, etc. But which step ladder is best?

There are a variety of factors that need to be considered before making a purchase decision such as size, weight capacity, and durability. We hope to choose the best step ladder UK after reading the above article. Still, if you have any doubt let me know in the comment section.

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