How To Build Wooden Step Ladder % Detailed Guide UK [2021]

How To Build Wooden Step Ladder

  • By: Lara Dixon
  • Date: 23/04/2022

How to build wood step ladder

DIYers are always looking for ways to simplify their projects. In this post, we’ll take a look at how to build wooden step ladder for elder people.

The wood is budget-friendly material, and you can customize the size of your steps to suit your needs better.

It will also last much longer than store-bought ladders, which tend to get worn down after a few years of heavy use.

This wooden step ladder project is perfect for those who want to build something sturdy that will last a long time.

The ladder can be customized with paint or stain and used in a variety of different ways. Also, it will be the perfect addition to your house.

It will take a few hours to build the ladder if you follow our given guide below.

How To Build Wooden Step Ladder

A wooden step ladder can be a valuable and versatile tool for many different types of projects. The design is simple, but the process to build one is not always so straightforward.

It also makes for a great project if you are looking to try your hand at carpentry or want something around for your house.


  • Saw
  • Drilling Machine
  • screwdriver
  • Lumber for support
  • saw blade
  • safety goggles
  • jigsaw

Step By Step Process for Building The Wood Step Ladder

step ladder for elderly

Get your materials together. These are all things that you can find at any hardware store or home improvement centre near you.

Make sure that you have enough wood for each step of the ladder. First, measure the length, height and breadth of the ladder that you want to build.

Choose a cutting board and then cut wood in the desired size as per your measurement (length, height and breadth).

Step 1

Determine what size you want your ladder to be. Ladders can vary in length and breadth, so decide this before continuing with the rest of the steps below.

Generally speaking, it is better to make them longer than shorter if possible because they are sturdier that way.

Keep height restrictions into account when building ladders taller than six feet. Now determine how long or short you would like your wood step ladder to be.

Step 2

Cut the wood into shape to build your step ladder. After making the cut mark on your wooden step ladder, use a machine to precisely and efficiently remove any unnecessary parts; it is just what you need for size and length. (Place some scrap pieces under the first piece to prevent slippage while sawing at these long wooden pieces).

Step 3

If it’s your first time building something like this, I recommend you watch a video on YouTube below to get an idea of how the process should work.

Firstly find some two by four boards and make sure that they are all aligned properly. Clamp them together so that both sides line up (if there is already one on top, then put another below).

You will need to measure 8 inches from one end of each two by four before marking out the centre points. These marks should be at a distance halfway on either side and centred over the edge of your ladder.

Step 4

With your saw, cut the notches around the marks that you have made. Put a line of glue in this notch and insert one rung at a time with care to make sure they are parallel with each other.

Cutting out notches for our ladder will take some effort as we want it sturdy enough so that people can use it safely without feeling like their balancing skills need improvement.

If these steps seem overwhelming, don’t worry, follow along carefully or take help from an experienced person who has done something similar before – either way is acceptable!

Your ladder will have a more sturdy and secure foundation if you not only notch the rungs but also glue them into place.

It may take some time to do correctly, so it is best for DIYers skilled with power tools or even carpenters because they know how to handle these types of projects well.

Final Step

While you should always make sure that your steps are secure and supported, this is especially important with a wooden step ladder. Make sure to use two screws on each side of the rungs when securing them for maximum support.

After building your wooden step ladder, it’s time to put the finishing touches on it. Once these measures have been taken, paint the surface of your new wooden step ladder to protect against exterior decay and other material damage from insecticides.

A wooden step ladder for the elderly that has been preserved with quality care should last many years before any significant repairs needed to be done on it.

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