How to use telescopic ladder? Expert Guide In (2021) UK

How to use telescopic ladder?

  • By: Lara Dixon
  • Date: 16/07/2021


how to use telescopic ladderA telescopic ladder is a type of ladder that can be extended to any height. How To Use Telescopic Ladder? A telescoping ladder consists of two telescoping tubes, one inside second one outside the ladder and joined at the bottom by a hinge.

The outside tube has rungs along its length on both sides so that you can climb it like a staircase. Telescopic ladders are a great way to reach high places without having to use an unsafe ladder or drag yourself up and down the stairs. 

How To Use Telescopic Ladder?

Follow these steps when extending the telescopic ladder to use it.

Extend the ladder by pressing on the release latch located at one of its ends. It will extend in length and lock into place, either all the way down or as far as your need.

  • Unlatch the telescopic ladder by turning it in a counterclockwise direction, then pull it out.
  • Extend the telescopic ladder to the desired height and latch it securely into place. Also, you can hold one hand and the other hand onto the side rails for safety.
  • Once it reaches the desired height, release one hand and latch the telescopic ladder into place by turning it in a clockwise direction until you see that the top lock is grabbing onto the bottom lock.
  • The extension will be locked when there is pressure on both sides of the lever (top and bottom).

Further Points To Note For Using Telescopic Ladder

  1. For safety, always use two hands when extending the telescopic ladder or releasing side rails.
  2. When not in use, fold the telescopic ladder by turning it in a counterclockwise direction until you hear that the top locks unlock the lock.
  3. Never allow an object to hang from the top of a retracted telescopic ladder.
  4. Ensure that you fully understand how your particular model operates before use, as some telescopic ladders will operate differently than others.

Do you want to avoid any possible risks when using your telescopic ladder? 

First of all, never adjust the rungs while on the ladder because it could cause them to loosen due to stress and be difficult if not impossible for a person or object below that can’t handle pressure changes from weight distribution.

Secondly, always make sure the surface is not uneven before setting up the telescopic ladder. Otherwise, dust particles may create uneven surfaces, which would affect the standing of the ladder. 


We hope this informative article on how to use a telescopic ladder has cleared your doubts and now it will be easier for you to use it. Now it will be easier for you to operate these ladders and do the job that needs doing with ease. Telescopic ladders can make a big difference in a person’s safety, so long as they are used correctly.

Remember that when working with these types of ladders, always keep at least three points touching the ground while ascending or descending from the height of an extension ladder.

This is one way to prevent falls that could cause serious injuries like fractures and other injuries. 

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