Loft hatch sizes should be same or different while using it?

Are Loft Hatch Size Should Be Different Or Same?

  • By: Lara Dixon
  • Date: 22/04/2022

Loft Hatch Sizes

If you are looking to install a loft ladder and do it manually, you might be thinking if loft hatch sizes are of standard size or a different size?

If you can, go for pre-made loft latches that are pre-made loft ladder kits ready to install.

Most hatches in the UK have open of around 562mm x 726mm, is 56.2cm x 72.6cm Or 22″ x 30″ in inches. There are other standard loft hatches sizes available in the UK, and these are discussed below.

Are Loft Hatch Sizes Should Be Different? Let’s Find out

450mm x 600mm

600mm x 700mm

700mm x 900mm

If you are using a loft ladder only for the occasional time, you can use the traditional extension ladder, which will work for you.

You can also use a standard size loft hatch with an extension ladder that can be placed outside or inside the loft, allowing you to climb inside or out easily.

But if you are looking to use a loft ladder regularly, then go with an extension loft ladder that can be pulled down to use by installing a permanent loft ladder.

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